Interior decoration in Kolkata has gained immense popularity with different renowned interior decoration brands. People can get different packages, however, knowing about the interior design cost per square foot in Kolkata is important.

However, you have to know about the services and their price so that you can plan to decorate your home. Hence, if you are in search of an affordable interior decoration company then Decona is here.

You can get the services of interior design in your bedroom, Main Entrance & Foyer Area, Living & Dining Hall, Modular Kitchen, kids’ room, study room, modern washroom, corporate spaces, Shoppe And Shops and many more from us. But first, let’s continue with interior decoration costs for your comprehensive knowledge.

Interior design cost per square foot in Kolkata: A Probable Estimate

Here is a probable estimate of the interior design cost per square ft. in Kolkata:

  1. The per square foot cost of basic consultation work of interior design
    should be between INR 40-60 per square foot. After that executing a
    basic design needs INR 700-1000 per square foot.
  2. If you want luxury interior design, then the service may cost between
    INR 90-160 per square foot. Besides this aspect, the execution will cost
    between INR 1300-2300 per square foot.

But these costs will vary based on the design and execution method you are choosing. If you’re choosing marbles/granites over vitrified tiles for flooring then the price calculation will be different.

How can you calculate the Interior design cost per square foot in Kolkata?

As we all know designers charge their fees depending on their work, so before consulting a designer you should have a proper idea about the price range.

  1. When it comes to per square foot, the designer may charge between INR 10-100 depending on the size of your house. If wardrobes, flooring, modular kitchens, and ceilings are included then the price will rise to INR 2000-3000.
  2. Every designer sum up an estimated project cost. A design fee will be ranged between 5% to 15%. But it will also reach up to 20% according to the design and execution method of the architect.
  3. One more way to calculate the cost is product markup. That will depend on the cost per item used in a project.
  4. Another way of charging depends on the designer’s desire. It might be based on a percentage per square foot, according to the commission or a blending of the two. This method is heavily used to calculate the Interior design cost per square foot in Kolkata.

Some factors that affect the Interior design cost per square foot in Kolkata

You may have three 2bhk flats in Kolkata, and you are thinking to decorate all three. But in this case, your every flat design cost will be different depending on their size and shape. Therefore you can calculate an estimated value, and depending on this the cost will be more or less.

1. Room Size:

The design cost will increase depending on the size of your room. A two- bedroom apartment of 1600 square feet will cost more than a two-bedroom apartment of 800 square feet in the matter of interior design.

2. Lifestyle

If you’re purchasing a flat in a wealthy neighborhood, you can spend more money on interior design depending on your lifestyle. The higher value per square foot of your home, the higher the cost of interior design.

3. Materials

The design cost will also depend on the materials you’re choosing for the interiors. From plywood to acrylic the price will differ. And it must be long- lasting if you’re taking proper care of it. The whole cost of converting your room is depending on the materials and furniture you’re choosing.

The bottom lines

Hope you’ve gained the basic knowledge about the Interior design cost per square foot in Kolkata, though it’s a never-ending discussion because every design and execution charges a different cost. However, if you want to decorate your home at a reasonable price, you can visit the website of Decona.
Decorate your home today like a dream palace.

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