Decona is one of the famous architecture and interior design companies in Kolkata. You can hire an interior designer in Kolkata from Decona if you want state-of-the-art interior decoration. Our premium company has interior design solutions in Kolkata, and we have teams for false ceiling, paint and polish, flooring, furniture, plumbing and electrical work.

Low Budget Interior Designers In Kolkata

Our low- budget interior designers in Kolkata have at least 5 years of experience and are highly skilled enough. Our team consists of the best interior decorators in Kolkata, and you can choose any of our design services as we create 3D designs and layouts to help you execute the process.

As Kolkata’s leading interior designing company, we also offer exterior and interior designing services for showrooms, offices, homes, hotels, cafes, restaurants, salons and gyms.

Our interior designers help create the dream home you are looking for, a bungalow or an apartment. Our architects can best utilize your space for your dining room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, living room, gardens and gallery.

All our interior decorators have also created outstanding ambiances for hotels, restaurants and cafes earlier. Let’s have a look at some of the aspects of what we do best:

Home Interior Design Company

We consider your home interior design to be an extension of your personality. We have the best home interior designers who understand your designs, spaces, nature, and your perfect needs.

Our low-budget interior designers in Kolkata give a concrete shape to your aesthetic preferences within a strict time frame and focus on developing the ideal floor plans and layout with sophisticated designs for your interior home design.

When looking for the best interior decorator for a home in Kolkata, you need to know that our professionals can stand out. We have a panel of experienced home designers in Kolkata who visit the site personally, draft plans, and take measurements, keeping the requirements and policies of
the builder in mind.

We ensure that our interior designers in Kolkata concentrate on utilizing the best pace in your property and helping your needs fit in the best way.

Office Interior Designs

Regarding interior office design, we have a team of the best designers in Kolkata who have worked on many projects. Our low-budget interior designers in Kolkata create a workplace that can help employees remain productive.

Suppose you are looking for a modern office interior designer in Kolkata. In that case, you need to know that our professionals concentrate on critical elements where your conference rooms, cabins, waiting areas and workstations remain combined with a similar design language that we help customize for your space.

Hotel Interior Designs

We have a team of Hotel interior designers in Kolkata who have worked previously on many categories of industry projects. All our projects have been created keeping the target budget and audience of the client in mind. Our company is famous as one of the best Interior designing firms in Kolkata for designing the best hotels in the city.

Restaurant Interior Designs

Decona has the perfect interior designers for restaurants. They have worked with the best projects in Kolkata. Among the famous restaurant interior designers in Kolkata, Decona has also been involved in the execution and decoration, keeping the cuisine, theme, target audience and location in mind. Our low-budget interior designers in Kolkata keep the restaurant’s primary zone apart from the kitchen and multiple other areas, providing you with a comprehensive solution for restaurant design.


We have a team of architects in the city having international experience and in-depth knowledge. Our team has completed the most significant architectural projects in Kolkata. Some of our services incorporate design concepts, comprehensive design planning, structural design, site planning, plumbing, electrical, mechanical, master planning and landscaping. Our services make our team one of the best options for architects in Kolkata.

Showroom Interior Designs

We have a team of interior store designers that focus on the primary area of visual merchandising. Our team tries to ensure that all your products stay highlighted in your store in the best manner, making them possible to attract the best sales. Our team consists of retail interior designers that previously worked on automobiles, clothing, electronics, jewelry and other similar showrooms.

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