Everyone wants to decorate their home as their dream place. However, re- doing it at a high cost is not possible for everyone. Therefore, you should start with some basic changes we can do on a low budget. A professional yet affordable interior decorator like Decona can help you to do these changes.

With the upgradation of lifestyle, people in Kolkata are leaning towards interior decoration in recent days. If you are willing to get interior decoration service you can come to interior decorators in New Town, Kolkata and get your job done with the utmost expertise.

Here are some budget-friendly decorating ideas then here are some tips that might be useful for you:

Customized Wall Decoration

Low-budget home decoration can be done excellently by decorating the walls. Nowadays, different types of wall art are available that people can buy and hang on the walls to add a touch of elegance to the room decoration.

Replace unnecessary things

There are so many unnecessary things in our house that are unnecessary and already lost their charm. You may have old books, magazines, and old toys which are stuck between your wall cabinets, or table. You can replace them with some new showpiece, small greenery, new magazines or books. It will free up your space like magic, and you will find some new space to decorate.

Furniture can be rearranged

A slight rearrangement in your room’s furniture setup can change the whole indoor get-up. If you hire professional interior decorators in New Town, Kolkata you can have some effective suggestions on relocating your furniture, paintings, flower vases, or some light from one room to another.


Paintings can change your room into a happy place of yours. Besides, paintings also convey your aesthetic taste to the guests. You can buy different paintings of your choice and keep them in your room. Or, you can also paint on your bedroom wall, drawing room wall or even on some furniture. This will make your room more colorful and interesting.

Bring Home Some Indoor Plants

A great way to decorate your home is by placing potted plants inside your room. The option is endless as you can get different types of plants that will add a fresh charm to your home. You can hang the plants in some handmade crafts to give your signatures to every corner of your home.

Lighting up

Light can bring beauty more easily into your house. After relocating and decorating all the furniture and walls you need some special light to lift the mood of your room. For the bedroom, you can bring a table lamp which will give you cozy and comfortable vibes. Another budget-friendly option is fairy lights, which will change your room into a fairy tale. Hang it in the bedroom, drawing room or terrace it will give you a magical look.

Rugs can be a gamechanger

Comfortable rugs inside your room can change the whole ambiance effortlessly in a moment. Rugs are available in different shapes, sizes, and prints and you can have plenty of budget-friendly options while buying these. Depending on the color tone of the room you can choose the color of the rug.

Illusive set up of mirrors

Mirrors are an extremely handy option to change the look of your interior. Proper set-up of mirrors can make your interior look wider. Besides, quirky and uniquely designed mirrors can add a distinctive look that too at an affordable range.

The takeaway

Decorating your home is not a problem when you have already got the idea of choosing furniture and home decorating accessories depending on your budget. The possibilities are endless. You can visit the website of Decona to get some amazing ideas from interior decorators in New Town, Kolkata.

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